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Related article: Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 11:23:11 ESTFrom: Bangoremailaol.comSubject: The Dreams That You Dared To Dream - 5Greetings everyone,Something I didn't mention last time. It seems our boy, Lance, has quite acolorful history, huh? You always have to look out for the shy, quietones!The video for TIPY is visually wonderful to match a great song. Anyonecatch the guy's introduction for TRL? It was a hoot. Justin acting like amadman and Lance got the spotlight, you go!Again thanks to everyone who sent mail. Preteen Upskirt I really appreciate any and allinput/compliments, etc.Ok, I haven't done it for awhile so I'll recommend some stories. This listisn't a complete one... I'd need a whole 'nother posting for that!Check these out:Model Romance (Justin)Nick and the Altos (um... Nick lol)Just Together - in celebrity section (Justin/Lance/Michael Pitt)Hold the Pickle (Joey and Drew from 98)Intimate Stranger (Justin/JC)Give Me Just One Night (Jeff from 98)Sentimental Journey (both bands)And soooo many others : )As usual:This story is purely fiction and is not intended to imply anything aboutthe true sexuality of 'N Sync or anyone associated with theirorganization. Preteen Upskirt It is meant for those over the age of 18 only and those whowish to read stories with sexual content.******The Dreams That You Dared To Dream - Chapter FiveJamie was in the middle of a pleasant dream. It was very erotic and he andJustin were doing some extremely arousing things with each other. Hestarted to wake, slowly noticing a warmth enveloping his penis making itgrow harder. The feeling of a tongue swirling around it caused him tothrob in pleasure. Moaning, he moved his hips involuntarily as he reacheddown to feel curly hair under his fingers. Coming more awake he looked tosee Justin bobbing up and down on him."Oh, JuJu..." he groaned as he shivered and came in Justin's mouth.Justin moved and lay next to him. "Morning, sweet pea.""Now -that's- the way to wake up in the morning." Jamie pulled Justincloser and kissed him. Their tongues immediately Preteen Upskirt sought out the other'sand Jamie tasted himself."What time is it?" Jamie squinted but couldn't focus on the clock."Around 8:00. So what do you want to do this morning?" Justin asked Preteen Upskirt with asmile."Make love."Justin grinned at the simple request and kissed Jamie deeply as he moved ontop of him. They spent the rest of the morning in bed taking turnspleasing each other until they stopped from exhaustion and hunger.After showering, they ate lunch on the beach and settled down to do somefinal tanning. It didn't take long before they were at it again, this timeusing their hands. Giggling together, they came down from their orgasms."This place must be an aphrodisiac or something," Jamie said betweenkisses. "Plus it doesn't hurt to have a sexy studmuffin for a boyfriend."Justin blushed. "I feel the same way about you. Let's go wash off andcool down."They got up and waded into the water. Jamie floated around in Justin'sarms, as they shared more kisses. After awhile they went back to theblanket and lay in the sun some more, connected by their interlocked hands.When they felt Preteen Upskirt they had enough they gathered up everything and went to takea quick shower to get rid of the sand, salt and sun block. Both of themspent the next hour straightening up the cabana and packing. They kissedoften, sighing with the knowledge that the real world would be once againintruding on their lives."Let's get our bags to the lodge then say goodbye to this place, ok?"Justin suggested. Jamie nodded sadly. "Don't worry, sweet pea, we'll comeback again someday." He caressed Jamie's face with the palm of his hand,his thumb tracing Jamie's cheek. "Someday."They left their bags and sneakers on the lodge porch and headed to thedock. From there they started walking around the island through the surfand headed in the opposite direction of their cabana, planning on hittingit last before dinner.Walking slowly they held hands as they let the waves hit their bare legs.Jamie almost suggested taking their shorts off but realized they weren't ontheir own private stretch of beach. He sighed and looked out over thewater and leaned on Justin who wrapped his arm around him.As they rounded a bend they passed by Joey and Kelly's cabana but didn'tsee them so they kept on moving, Preteen Upskirt quickly coming to the straight section ofbeach where they had jet skied. Passing by the small area where they hadthe party they saw Chris and Dani snuggling on their deck on one of thelounge chairs.They waved as they passed, smiling. "She is so good for him," Justinremarked.Jamie nodded. "A truly wonderful girl."Before long they came around a bend to see Lance sitting in the shadereading. He had his foot up and a pitcher of lemonade beside him."Hey guys, taking a walk?""We decided to walk all the way around to see the whole thing," Justinsaid."How's your foot, Lance?""Much better now, Jamie, thanks. It's only a little stiff with no pain.I'm still babying it before we start back in tomorrow."They all fell silent with the reminder that tonight they'd be in New York."Well, we'll see you at dinner." Justin forced a smile as they both kissedLance on his cheeks, causing him to blush.Continuing their walk, they arrived on their beach and stopped to stare outover the water. Jamie turned to Justin and smiled at him. "I love you.""I love you back." Justin grinned at Jamie and bent for a kiss. Jamiemoaned and locked his hands behind his neck as he let Justin's tongue pushit's way into his mouth. They stood for a long while enjoying the freedomto kiss each other out in the open without worrying if anyone saw them.Justin sighed as they pulled apart. "Listen, there's something I want tosay. The next four months are gonna be hell for all of us. I want you toknow that no matter what happens with schedules and free time that I loveyou. I won't ever stop loving you. If I start acting like a jerk becauseof the stress, Preteen Upskirt I expect you to kick me in the ass. If you feel like I'mneglecting you then tell Lance and Josh to kick me in the ass." Justinstopped, looking down at Jamie's grin and realized how funny what he saidsounded. "I guess what I'm trying to say is if you have feelings, good bador whatever, I want you to talk to me about them.""Deal, and the same goes for you too."Justin nodded. "We should be heading for dinner." Jamie agreed sadly. Hegrabbed Justin's hand and they went into the cabana for a last minutecheck. Standing in the bedroom, Jamie let a tear fall silently down hischeek."Will we ever be able to catch the magic of this place again?"Justin turned him so he had to look into his eyes. "Every minute I spendwith you does. It doesn't matter where we are as long as you are in myarms." They hugged and held each other.They left the cabana and locked the door. Justin stopped them as theystarted down the path and bent to pick an orchid, handing it to Jamie."I will save this Preteen Upskirt forever and when we're old and gray it will remind us ofthis week."Justin smiled and took his hand as they continued to the lodge.------Everyone was fairly quiet as they sank into their own private thoughts.Lance set another place at the table and insisted that Nino join them forthe meal reasoning it was the least they could do for a week of wonderfulfood. Jamie purposefully sat next to JC to show him that he wouldn't holda grudge. He took his hand during grace and squeezed it. After the 'amen'JC turned to Jamie with tears in his eyes and they hugged as everyonesmiled at them.As they ate Nino suggested a way to break the melancholy. "Why don't we goaround the table and each say what you will remember most about this week."Dani started. "I'll remember a relaxed time, having my man all to myself.""Not having a schedule and enjoying the downtime with Dani," Chris laughed.Lance thought for a second. "Getting to know some people better," he saidsmiling at Justin and Jamie, "while learning to really appreciate someone Ilove."JC leaned over and kissed Lance. "I leave with a sunburn," everybodygiggled as he paused to get serious. "But I also take with me a deeperunderstanding of my friendships and my feelings." Lance stroked hisfingers through JC's hair as they hugged.Jamie had his head down before he answered. "As the newest member of thefamily, I just want to thank everyone. I've gone through a really toughtime and I appreciate all the support I've gotten from all of you. I takewith me all your love, a full heart and a conviction that I will be withyou for the rest of my life," he said the last directly to Justin.Justin looked at Jamie lovingly. "I leave loving you more than ever. Ialso take a greater love for all of you," he said looking around the table."Well, I now have some of the best friends I've ever had, and know that arelationship with international pop stars -can- work," Kelly said withsmile.Joey pecked Kelly on the cheek. "I'm taking home the memory of somewonderful times with my friends and brothers."Nino looked around the table. "See, now you are all smiling like the dayyou came here." They all looked at each other and realized that the boywas right. The gloom was dispelled and the memories of a great vacationstood in its place.------They said goodbye to Nino at the airport, promising him tickets and allaccess passes to the shows at Ft. Lauderdale. Shaking hands with him, theyeach gave him their personal thanks. Lance whispered in JC's ear and senthim up to Nino. JC gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek."For a fan and a great guy," he said simply before boarding the jet.Nino stood shocked with a big smile on his face. Noticing Lance smiling athim, he winked and mouthed 'thank you' to him. Lance nodded with a waveand got on the plane and pulled the door shut."Everybody strap in," the pilot announced over the intercom. "We haveclearance to take off right away."They settled and before they knew it they were airborne and leaving KeyWest behind. The co-pilot came out to make sure everything was alright."The weather between here and LaGuardia is almost perfect. There's a smallthunderstorm over Maryland that we'll skirt, so that puts us into New Yorkat about midnight. We'll be traveling at 10,000 feet. If there's anythingyou need, then please ask." He turned to head back Preteen Upskirt to the cockpit butstopped to pull a very large package out of a bin. "Oh, I almost forgot,this is from Jive and Mr. Wright. It's everything you'll need for the nextcouple of weeks."Lance accepted the package and thanked him. "So, you want to open thisnow, or wait?""Do it now, then we can sleep the rest of the trip," Joey suggested. Theywent into the meeting room and sat around the table. Finding their seats,Jamie sat in Justin's Preteen Upskirt lap so that a free chair went to one of the girls."You two behave," Chris admonished with a big grin."Yes, Papa Smurf," they answered together making everyone laugh.Lance pulled out a video cassette and threw it into the player on the walland pushed the start button.After a minute Johnny's smiling face appeared. "Well, I hope you all had agood vacation. If I know Lance, you're over Miami now while you listen tome ramble on." He laughed before continuing. "Lance, in the packet you'llfind schedule copies for the next two weeks for everyone. Go ahead andpass them out and make sure Jamie and the girls get them too."Lance passed out the paperwork. "Not that any of you other than Lance and-maybe- Justin will even look at the schedules after tonight, at least Itried. And stop denying it Joseph, you know you'll be asking Lancetomorrow where you're going and when.Joey smiled as Chris poked him good-naturedly."The cell phone, ID and company credit card are for Jamie." Lance slidthem across the table to him."Jamie, I'm gonna ask you to start you're job with us a little earlier thanwe thought. Melinda has some family emergency and can't meet the guysuntil Tuesday, so I'll need you to stick by them for the next couple ofdays. Preteen Upskirt I'm sure you won't mind that too much as I figured you would beanyway. We'll handle most of the work from Orlando, all we need you to dois be there with them and help Lance make sure everyone gets where theybelong when they're needed. The card is yours to use for anything youneed, within reason. No shopping trips to Tiffany's, but if you're outdoing stuff for us, feel free for meals and whatever pops up.""Hey, Jamie, how about lunch on Sunday?" Dani kidded making everyone laugh."Now, that said, y'all have a good time this weekend on MTV and on Rosie onMonday, you have Sunday off. Mel and I will see you on Tuesday. Justin,your mom said she'd catch up with you Monday sometime. She was trying toget up for the Rosie show but wasn't sure she could make it.""Well, that's all I got. You guys rest well over the weekend. Early salesfigures are looking good and it'll be a mad house starting Tuesday.Pre-orders are stronger than anyone has seen before, I have a feeling thisone will hit big. Take care, over and out." He smiled and waved as hefaded off the screen."And this tape will self-destruct in five seconds," Chris said makingeveryone smile.They all split up reading over the Preteen Upskirt schedules and talking. Lance stayed inthe meeting room with Jamie and Justin looking over the paperwork. JC satnearby dozing."It's a fairly Preteen Upskirt standard contract for the company. You'll be an employee ofWEG assigned permanently to us. You're official title is 'PR Assistant forNew York Appearances and Personal Assistant to 'NSync.' Fancy huh?""Wait a minute," Jamie said reading. "It says permanent retainer! Thatmeans this is now my job for as long as I want it?"Lance nodded with a smile. "This is something Johnny and I cooked up sothat if anyone questions you being with us then we have a fall back story."Justin started to protest but Lance stopped him."Justin, I know what you're going to say. Johnny, Mel and I talked a longtime about this. If you really want to we'll say he is a close friend toyou and us. Johnny is completely ok with that. But the problem is what dowe say when someone notices he's around all the time or when he's suddenlyplaying in the band? We needed something that would cover Jamie being withus constantly." Lance thought for a minute, "Jamie, I didn't mean that theway it came out."Jamie shook his hands in dismissal. "I understand where you're coming fromLance. No offense taken.""Good. Justin?"Justin nodded having trouble trying to dispute Lance's logic. "Ok, I cansee your point. What do you think, sweet pea?""If it means we can be together and you and the guys are protected from thesharks then that's more than fine." He continued reading as Justin lookedover his schedule. "Oh, this -has- to be a typo. Lance, they can't pay methat much."Justin looked over his shoulder and grinned. "You're worth every penny,"he said as he kissed Jamie's neck.Lance laughed. "Consider it hazard pay for having to be around tall, curlyand gruesome all the time." Jamie laughed with him as Justin put on a hurtface and pouted."Oh but he's such a cute gruesome," Jamie said kissing away Justin's poutand putting a smile there instead.Everyone sat back in the more comfortable seats in the front section. Thepaperwork was finally put away and Justin showed Jamie all the features ofthe cell phone and helped him program in extra speed dial numbers thatweren't in there yet. When finished, they noticed that everyone else waseither asleep or listening to music with headphones."Hey, sweet pea, you ever hear of the mile high club?" Justin asked with asmirk.Jamie thought for a minute before it dawned on him what Justin wassuggesting. He reached down into his backpack that held his shower bag andgrabbed a small bottle of lube and put it in his pocket. With a seductivesmile he pulled Justin to his feet and they headed off to the backbathroom."Where are you two heading in such a hurry?" Lance asked as they passedhim."We're going to check out the bathroom," Justin replied innocently."I don't want to know," Lance said with a chuckle. He went back to hisbook while he absently ran his fingers through JC's hair. JC had placedhis head in Lance's lap and was sleeping peacefully.Locking the door behind them, they kissed long and deep, rapidly sheddingtheir clothes in the small space. Justin looked to Jamie, silently askingwhat he'd like to do.Jamie bent to retrieve the lube then stood and returned Justin's gaze. Heleaned in and licked from the center of Justin's chest to his throat makinghim gasp. Jamie circled around his neck and up to kiss and lick Justin'sear. "Fuck me, Justin," he whispered softly to him.Justin shivered at the words in excitement. Jamie jumped up to sit on thesink ledge and pulled Justin to him. Their mouths met as their handsstroked and caressed each other in all the places that were guaranteed toarouse and excite them.Justin spread Jamie's legs as Jamie lubed up Justin's hard dick. Justingroaned as Jamie stroked him and leaned in for a kiss. Jamie guided Justinuntil he was pressed against his hole and wrapped his legs around Justin'swaist. Sticking his tongue deep into Justin's mouth he pulled Justinslowly into him.When Justin was finally fully inside they both moaned into each other'smouths. "You drive me so wild, sweet pea," he whispered as he startedthrusting in and out of a very willing Jamie.Jamie felt his pulse race at the feeling of Justin's body on him. Hereached up and grabbed Justin's neck and held on. Justin started a fastintense rhythm that had them both panting. A warmth spread through Jamiewith the feeling of Justin sliding in and out of him."Yes baby, oh... Justin..." Jamie tightened his ass muscles as much as hecould to bring pleasure to Justin who groaned at the feeling. His thrustsbecame less rhythmic as his breathing became hoarser."I'm gonna... gonna cum, Jamie.." he panted, his eyes glazed over in lust."Yes, do it..." Jamie gasped then moaned when he felt Justin get harderinside him and thrust more deeply. This was the sensation he loved most ofall, the feeling of being completely full, so full it was almost painful."Oh God, I love you," Justin said loudly as he pulsed deep inside Jamie,grunting with each shot. Jamie licked the sweat from Justin's forehead ashe shuddered with his orgasm. He pulled out after he was completely spentand went to his knees. Justin took a deep breath and took Jamie's hardcock into his mouth and throat in one gulp."Ugghhh..." Jamie groaned as Justin took a finger and pushed it deeply upinto his now stretched hole to rub the hard lump of his prostate. Justinsucked on Jamie while running his tongue over the sensitive area under thehead while he constantly rubbed his finger inside sending jolts of pleasurethrough his body. It didn't take long before Jamie shuddered and came inJustin's mouth, gasping for air with each shot.Justin released him from his mouth as he softened and withdrew his finger."Holy shit," Jamie said softly. "That was so intense. Where'd you learnto do that?"Justin had a shit-eating grin on his face. "I've done some reading," hesaid proudly.Jamie pulled him up and locked him into a kiss. "You keep on reading, mylove."They cleaned up as best they could and dressed. "We're now proud membersof the club, sweet pea."Jamie smiled at Justin. Hand in hand they went back to their seats. AsJamie passed Lance he looked down to see him smiling at them knowingly.Jamie easily passed the lube to Lance and whispered 'mile high club' softlyin his ear before sitting down next to Justin and leaning on his shoulder."Josh," Lance said shaking JC's shoulder not wasting a second."Um... ya..." he said waking up slightly."I need to use the bathroom.""Oh, sorry..." JC sat up so Lance could get up."Don't you want to come with me?" Lance showed JC the lube and whisperedinto his ear.JC grinned and they quickly made their way to the back of the plane.Justin and Jamie grinned to each other before dozing in their seats, usingeach other as pillows.------Saturday morning saw them all entering a back door of the MTV studiostrying to avoid the already large crowd gathering in Times Square. Theshow was to be live and they anticipated record crowds. The guys warmed upvocally while they sat in make-up. Jamie was glad that Dave Holmes was thehost of the show, not wanting to have to deal with Carson. Jamie had noidea what he should be doing specifically but acted like he knew what wasgoing on. He went and checked on the band when they arrived and greetedKevin warmly."K-Toonz, how the hell are ya? And congratulations.""Jamie," Kevin said warmly as he shook his hand, "good to see ya. Thanks.I'm glad you accepted our offer. It makes me feel so much better knowingthat you'll be there." Jamie blushed and then he was introduced to therest of the band who welcomed him gladly."Well, I gotta Preteen Upskirt get back to the guys. I'm sorta acting as Mel for the nextcouple of days. I'll see you guys in a little bit." The band all waved asthey did their sound checks and warmed up.The show went flawlessly and everyone had a great time. Dave embarrassedthe guys constantly with old photos and footage which had Jamie and theaudience of 'super fans' laughing along with them. The show ended and theysigned autographs and greeted everyone in the studio as the band played.Finally they were done and could relax."Now what?" Justin Preteen Upskirt asked tiredly.Jamie checked his clipboard in an official manner. "A quick snack, then acostume change. You'll be taping a dedication show for your Spring Breakspecial."Without thinking they all looked to Lance who just nodded with a smirk."Y'all would know that if you'd read your own schedules."They said goodbye to the band and went down to their dressing room. Justinpulled Jamie to him the minute the Preteen Upskirt door was closed. "I've wanted to dothis all morning," he said before kissing him.Jamie pulled away breathless and put his head on Justin's chest, snugglingin, enjoying just a moment of peace.------Jamie let himself into the apartment taking in the familiar furnishings.'This was my home too,' he thought to himself. 'But Preteen Upskirt it seems more likejust a place to sleep now.' Although the rules stipulated that theapartment was off limits, that was meant mostly for the guys. He -did-live here after all and he needed to grab some warmer clothes from hiscloset.He looked through the apartment and found nothing amiss. Preteen Upskirt There was a notefrom Dan on the machine telling him he'd be home sometime late afternoon.Jamie laughed seeing that it was now 6:00 and there was no sign of him. Henoticed he was short some bathroom stuff like soap and shampoo, so heheaded down the street to the market after leaving a note.Jamie took his time picking up his things. He hesitated at the cerealaisle and grabbed a box of Capt'n Preteen Upskirt Crunch, one of Justin's favorites.Before leaving, he stopped by the drug section and picked up some more lubeas Lance had kept their bottle by mistake. Checking to make sure he goteverything he needed he went to wait in line.A familiar voice broke into happier thoughts. "Hey, I see you aroundeverywhere, and I'm sorry I don't remember your name."Jamie turned to find himself face to face with Carson Daly.------There was a knock on Justin's bedroom door. "Hey, Justin, can I talk toyou for a minute?" JC asked."Sure, Josh, what's on your mind?"JC crossed the room and sat in a chair facing Justin who was sitting on thebed. "I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with us since whathappened the other day. We haven't really had a chance to talk alone.""Josh, yes of course we're ok. It weirded me out at first, but I canunderstand that you have these feelings. To be honest, I've had somefeelings for you too. It's only natural considering how long we've knowneach other and how close we've been.""You have feelings for me too?" JC asked with a smile.Justin grew slightly uneasy with the look on his face. "Listen, I meantevery word of what I said the other day. There -is- a place in my heartfor you, and there always will be, but I can't ever love you that way. Iam totally in love with Jamie and I know this is the real thing. Andbeside it would almost be like being with a member of my family.JC nodded his head. "Ya, you're right of course. I do love you, but Ithink of you as Preteen Upskirt my little brother. I guess being with you -would- be likebeing with Tyler."Justin smiled at him. "Josh, you have a wonderful man who is truly in lovewith you. Why would you want more?""I don't know. I love him so much, but I'm always so scared. Scared he'llleave me or I won't live up to his expectations or that some morning he'llwake up and not love me anymore." JC put his head down in his hands."So this is the real reason for all this, huh?" JC nodded, tears formingin his eyes. "Have Preteen Upskirt you sat and talked to Lance about this?""No, I just can't bring myself to.""He's the only one who can help you with this, Josh. I think you'd besurprised by him. He takes his commitment to you very seriously.""That's just it, a commitment. Are we together because he feels obligatedbecause of my proposal?"Justin shook his head. "Don't let your insecurities cloud your thinking.That's not the way Lance works, you know that. Lance is a true romanticand wouldn't have accepted if he didn't really mean it."JC nodded. "Again, you're right. When did you grow up to be so smart?""I had a good teacher," Justin responded softly placing a hand on JC'sshoulder. "You think about what I said. I'm here whenever you need totalk, but Lance is the one you should really be talking to." Justin smiledat JC. "And calm down, buddy. You're not supposed to get cold feet untiljust before the wedding, it's way too early.They stood together and hugged. "Advice taken. How about some dinner?I'm starved.""Let me call and see how much longer Jamie will be." Justin pulled out hiscell phone and shivered."Justin, what's wrong?" JC asked in concern."Dunno, just got a funny feeling like something's not right." He dialedthe apartment number first and it rang twice before Dan Preteen Upskirt answered."Hey Dan, it's Justin. Is Jamie still there?""Hi back at ya. He was here, but left a message that he was going to themarket to pick up a few things. Justin, you ok? You sound weird.""I'm fine, just tired. Why don't you come with him to meet us for dinner?""Sure, Preteen Upskirt I'll have him call you when he gets back. It should be any minutenow.""Ok, bye, Dan." Justin hung up the phone and tried Jamie's cell but gotthe inactive message that pushed him into the voice mail. He hung upwithout leaving a message."Everything ok?""It seems so. Dan's there waiting for him, he went to the market." Justintapped his phone on his chin. The feeling was fading but he -knew- he feltit.------"Oh, hi, Carson. Name's Jamie." Jamie shook hands with Carson who let hisgrip linger just a little too long for comfort."So, I heard you play last weekend. You're very good.""Gee, thanks. I think you do a good job on your show, too." Jamie wascertainly uncomfortable and tried to not let it show."Well, thanks. You're looking pretty tanned for this time of year in NewYork, vacation?""Ya, a week in the sun. It was great, I really recommend it.""So, you're a friend of -the guys- huh?" The way he stressed the wordsleft no question about which guys Carson meant.Jamie thought for a quick second about how to answer him. "Yes, they're anice bunch.""You work for them or something?" Carson was obviously prying whileappearing to be making casual conversation. Jamie treaded carefully.Jamie nodded. "Among other things that I do, I work part time for the PRdepartment of WEG."Finally it was Jamie's turn to check out and he started putting his thingson the counter."It was nice bumping into you. Hopefully we'll meet again," Carson saidpleasantly.'Not if I see you first.' "Sure, same here Carson," he replied aloud.Jamie quickly left the market and started heading home. The sun had justset and twilight covered the streets. As he passed an antique store hestopped to admire a rocking chair in the window. Peering to see if therewas anything else he'd be interested in he felt someone watching him. Helooked up and down the street, but except for the usual people going abouttheir business he could see nobody suspicious.Getting a funny feeling he started again for home. 'It's just myimagination,' he repeated to himself, over and over. 'Just like with thesubway over a month ago.' Jamie was now just Preteen Upskirt a block from home and thefeeling of being followed grew stronger with each step. He wouldoccasionally look over his shoulder but couldn't see anything out of theordinary.As he reached his building the sense of a threat overwhelmed him and hefrantically fought to get his key out of his pocket and open the door.Almost wailing in panic he finally slammed the key in and turned it.Rushing into the foyer he shut the door behind him, clutching his keys in adeath grip.>From the shadow of the mailboxes he peered out the window. A lone figure,bundled against the Preteen Upskirt late winter chill, walked past the steps, hesitated asecond to adjust his collar then continued on. Jamie breathed a sigh ofrelief then made his way upstairs.He found Dan waiting for him. "Hey, big bro." Jamie made his way to hisbedroom to finish packing."Hey, Sonny, call Preteen Upskirt Justin, he just called looking for you. He soundedfunny.""Funny?""Hey you sound funny too." Dan walked into Jamie's room and took a goodlook at him. "You're whiter than my T-Shirt. What's going on?"Jamie sighed deeply. "I just had another feeling that I was beingfollowed. I'm fine, it was only my imagination. I guess meeting CarsonDaly in the market rattled me.""That guy from MTV?" Jamie nodded. "You sure, you're ok?""Fine, you goober. Leave me alone," he smiled at Dan."Well anyway, call your boy, he's waiting. He asked me to come to dinnertoo, you ok with that?""Oh, of course. I should've thought of that.""I'll call a taxi, you finish up here."They got in the taxi when it arrived. Preteen Upskirt Jamie couldn't shake the feelings hehad earlier and peered around the street. Dan noticed his unease and heldhis hand as they left the village. Jamie relaxed at the contact and smiledat Dan.------Before they knew it they were leaving the elevator on the guy's floor. Danwas first out and was waylayed by two large imposing figures."Hey, Lonnie, he's with me. You remember my brother Dan?""Nice to see you again, Lonnie." Dan held his hand out for a shake andwinced at Lonnie's grip."And that other mountain over there is Randy." Randy grinned at them bothand shook Dan's hand too."They are gathering in Chris' room, Jamie.""Ok, thanks Lon."Dan led the way as they made their way down the hall. They reached Chris'room and walked into the open door. Preteen Upskirt Just as Jamie was about to greetJustin he felt a pair of arms grab his shoulders and pull him back. Hisnerves, already shot from earlier, snapped completely."Aaahhh. Get off me! Leave me alone!" he screamed stopping allconversation in the room. Justin rushed to Jamie, who took two steps andfainted in Justin's arms.tbc...There's the latest. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
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